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May 02, 2008


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what does this say about you?...well i think it might say that you are crazy and fabulous all at the same time. And I just want to let the readers know that I was lucky enought to use one of these prized bowls during a cooking extravaganza we were having, but could only use the zyliss spatula in it so the bowl wouldn't get scratched.

megan morrison

Oh I must have had my "companys over personality" going that day if I actually let you stir something in one of the bowls...that or I just really like you and were happy that you were helping me make all the food for one of the taste-o-rama parties.


What does it say about you? I think it just says you like to collect pretty things. That's it. I'll miss you this weekend...

megan morrison

ahhh thanks Courtney...i'll miss you guys too!


I hear you about rules, I'm all about that when I'm looking for stuff I collect. I don't die over the bowls but love plenty of weird stuff myself so can't be judgy. Looks like you have plenty to love!

megan morrison

Hi Pam. Yes having rules for me makes it more fun. Then you can get extra thrilled from finding a good piece that still fits the budget!


i love the bowls. especially the pretty blue ones. i think what this collection may say about you is that you are colorful and unique. i also think, just my opinion, that kitchen things have a strong sense of heart,home and are comforting.

megan morrison

Colorful and unique...I like it. And I do love to travel but I always love coming back home. I'm half nester half gypsy.

Adrienne (the new girl)

You collector, you!!
I used to collect anvils. Really..I had 13 (anything more than 2 is a collection).
Anvils got heavy and I moved twice in a year. Now I collect vintage Ice Cream Dippers!

Margaret Kiszonas

OHMIGAHD!! I had no idea this was a collector item. My husband has one his parents served chips in as far back as he can remember. The other night he came home, after a really bad week, and knocked it off the counter. I have to find a replacement. Wish me luck!! And we are collectors too. Wizards, dragons, beer steins, wine, and a gazillion other things. You have a wonderful collection!

megan morrison

Hi Adrienne....hope your first night was fun. Courtney is an awesome teacher.

I have no idea what a vintage ice cream scooper looks like but I really like ice cream! You will have to take a photo to share with us some time.

megan morrison

Margaret....your collection of wine sounds fun!!!!

You will be able to get a nice Texasware bowl on ebay. If you keep a close look the less brightly colored ones go for a reasonable price. Good luck!


Welllll, I never knew those bowls were collectibles! My mother-in-law left us with 3 or 4 of them. We use them daily. I never worried about scratching them, they wear like iron. I do love collecting old plates and my grandmother left me some fabulous depression glass items that I love. But I don't just display them, I am a firm beliver in using them to make my day prettier.

megan morrison

Kathy...the bowls are very hardy aren't they? I will admit that I pamper mine more than I should. I do believe in using the things I collect and it sounds like you do to!

Lonnie Kvasnicka

My wife received three texasware bowls from here mother in her hope chest, and we also collect some vintage things and use new Fiesta ware on a daily basis. Anyway, today at a garage sale I picked up a robins egg blue speckled texasware bowl foe $1.00, some people just dont know what they have...

Megan Morrison

What a great find Lonnie!


I had so much fun reading your post! I too, am one who goes to garage sales with the intent to sell on ebay. The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the find, and then the fun I get out of seeing my items bid upon, especially when an item goes for 100s more than I paid for it!

I picked up some TexasWare on Wednesday from an estate sale, talked the lady down to $70. I now have 48 red TexasWare platters, 8 green platters, about 8 red serving bowls, About 12 sugar/creamer sets, and about 24 smaller plates, a bunch of coffee cups, plus some other pieces. I do intend to sell most of these on ebay, but will reserve one set of everything, red and green, for Christmas. I honestly didn't even know what I had when I bought the stuff, I just recall my mom talking about merimac ware from the 50s and 60s and got excited and bought them!!!

So, what do I think? We may have a bit of an addiction, but there are worse things in life. I guess as long as we don't lose our shirts, we're ok. I actually make a nice extra bit of income with my addiction, by selling on ebay, like an additional $300 a week, which is $1200 a month! And I have fun doing it, so who can complain!


I love my 2 Texas Ware bowls and use them often. They are indestructable - I'll have them forever. Does anyone know how to get them refurbished? My pink & blue specked-grey bowl is fine on the outside, but is well worn on the inside (dull). I would love to make it beautiful again.

Megan Morrison

Sorry Holly I have no idea how to shine them back up again. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

Dime Store Thrift

Ohhhhh, love this post, love the bowls!

alisa pruett

OMG! I think I am in heaven. I love this collection. I have been collecting for years and is nowhere near that. Please never get rid of those.

Karen Collins

I love your bowls. I got a texas ware bowl from my mom .It belonged to my grandmother she used it all the time when I was a kid.It is a treasure to me. She always use them.I got a set at the hardware store in my home town.(washington Ga.).when I was in my early 20's Im now 52 .I want to collect more.Now I know why I cant find them in stores.Thanks for the RR heads up I almost got those. thanks for sharing your collection.It brought back great memories . God Bless Karen Collins

Megan Morrison

Thanks so much Karen. I wish you fun and good luck in your search for some vintage Texas Ware Bowls. They are really fun to collect. They do turn up at flea markets and ebay quite often. Happy hunting! Megan

Diane Lockhart

I think your collection is FATABULOUS!!!!
I found my first little splatter bowl at a yard sale for .25 cents LOVED IT used it all the time- found a bigger one at a flea market and it was a dollar. LOVE IT this was many years ago- I think i use at least one of these bowls everyday and they luster is still there.
I recently have been "junk-tiquing" and in the search for more of these little beauties , always dissapointed in not finding one.WELL- i actually ran into some at a multi dealer shop - to my dissmay they were 20 dollars each...ya NO too much 10 is my limit! i came home and googled them to find out about Racheal Ray and was NOT haooy with her! SO...on goes my search and hopefuly i will find some more within my "quota" if not- well - i will be spending more LOL
I am a collector of Boxer Dog items (old figurines and unique items)I a emabrassed to say i think i have about 400 of them!!!
I move every 6 motnhs so 99% of them are safely stored in a storage unit-I laugh and tell my family when i do find a place to put my roots down i am going to have to get a booth at a collectors shop and sell all my doubles!maybe that way i can buy more Texasware splatter bowls!!LOL)
DIane from Maine

michelle osman

I enjoyed reading your story. Its funny how something can just catch your eye one day and then bam thats how it all starts!! Next thing you know you own a bunch of them. Your collection looks amazing!
I was hoping you can tell me more about the one you have on the bottom shelf on the right side? I havent seen any in that shape and it looks even bigger then the 125.

Sherry Bodeis

I have one from my great aunt and one from my grandma. Love them for salads! You can hurt them, be careful with temperatures. I had a cold one from the frig, dumped out some old salad and put it in hot water to wash it!!! OMG!! I heard a crack!! It doesn't leak but I can see a small crack...be careful!!


I love Texas Ware bowls, but only have four of them. You have quite a collection!

Beverly Shover

I loved reading about you and your love of your beloved bowls. I have only one and I love mine but maybe I should at least buy one more to keep it company. I can relate to your compulsive collecting. It can be expensive but it is so much fun. I was happy to find out that mine has the old stamp on the bottom. I didn't pay very much for mine so I was surprised to see how much they are on Ebay.

Linda Berlin

I had my turq/org/blue double open handled 12" salad? chip? bowl and the three pale blue/corn kernel yellow/burnt orange snack? cereal? single open handle bowls out to get rid of because I haven't used them in forever. I touched them and rubbed them and decided...oh well, how much room are they really taking? Nah. I'll keep them. then I decided to see if there was any info on these plastics. None of these peces are marked. I've had massive amounts of Brook Park square dish sets over the years and they were all marked. I had some lovely RED TexasWare dishes with cowboy squiggles along the edges [oh why did I ever get rid of these??!!]. I have about 3 of the confetti mixing bowls [also not used but safe away...maybe I'd better get them out]...but I didn't see anything like these open handled bowls on the link. Maybe that was just for mixing bowls? This is a fun spot. I'm glad I checked it out. I do love my plastics or melmacs...whatever we call them from 'ye olde tymes'.

Hayley l

Love your collection! These are my favorite bowls! Wish I could find more at a reasonable price ! :)


I got a black one today!! I have never seen one and I cannot find one online to compare it to. It's not dark grey, it's jet black with great confetti red/pink/grey/white... Have you ever come across one? This one is the smaller size and I am in love!!!!

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