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January 19, 2009


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Wow, well...good luck! It can be overwhelming, I know!!! I bought a new laptop last year (from QVC!) and it is a Dell Inspiron 1721. I bought it because (1) I could afford it and (2) it came in colors!! I ended up with a brown one. So I am a big help, right? Oh, and mine is a widescreen which I love!! I could not even tell you the specifics..but since i do not do anything really fancy, other than blogging and some basic photoshop, I did not need anything really expensive. I do not play video games or watch movies on it. I think a lot depends on what you want to do with it! So, this probably did not help...

Megan Morrison

Lauri...no that helps for sure. Because I do blogging and basic photoshop too. I don't play video games or watch movies and the point about a widescreen is a great one. This is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for. Thanks!

stephanie Coop

My husband owns a computer company and is a computer guru/ genius....LOL We have four in our fam and we all have computers. I am going to ask him. His website is
www.ecgnetworks.net/index.html. I have a desk top but the rest have laptops. He is the go to person for advice. I will get back with you asap. He can tell you what to buy at Best Buy......
Now alphabet of Love......The colors are so unique. I am gonna do something with velvet and ribbon and who knows what else. I hate to admit I took one book apart and then ordered another on alibris.com just to have. It does not go with any decor I have....but I am lovin it anyway!

Megan Morrison

Stephanie, that would be great to hear what your husband has to say. It will mostly be used for surfing the web, blogging and photoshoping pictures.

I'll be checking in on your blog to see if you post pictures of your finished alphabet project. It sounds like you have some great ideas. Good luck!


hey megan - we have an h.p. laptop. it's not particularly lightweight... but i like that it has a big screen and decent keyboard. mike picked the thing out... bought it a couple of years ago and only trouble has been with windows vista... not the unit itself. we use it for watching movies, internet, mike installed "streets & trips" so we use it for vacation planning. if you plan to use it in your vehicle for long trips i recommend purchasing a power inverter so you can plug it in. be sure to play with the demos in the store, i swear some of those things are built for lilliputians. who elses fingers can fit on those keys?! by the way, the sales peeples should be nice & helpful whether we are techy gurus or not. if they bust out the james earl jones voice - take your business elsewhere. word.


Hey Meagan,

Two things:

We LOVE a Mac.

Call Ralph. :)


Hi Megan -- I have an Apple MacBook and absolutely love it. I didn't know that much about computers when I started, but knew that I needed someplace to store my music and photos. In my experience Macs are very user-friendly. And the stores offer free classes and workshops (not that you probably have time for that but nice to know that it's available). Macs are pricier, but I love mine!


so I actually have a degree in computer engineering (really!) and I can tell you I won't be buying anything but a Mac again. I LOVE my iBook - it's never crashed. Not once! I got the extended protection on it, and once dropped my cell phone on my keyboard, which exploded in a shower of keys that were no longer attached to their homes. I called Apple support, and I had a new one on my doorstop the next day at 10AM. Also, I think it's pretty safe to say you're like me in that you like things that are pretty and functional, and Apple thinks about design and functionality when they make their stuff. So two cheers from me for Apple. I'm acutally coming by Moxie to look for some fabric on Thursday, I can bring my laptop with me if you want to get a look-se.

Robert  Coop


Well, I am not a big fan of Worst Buy. Not because it is a big box with employees that do not really take the time to find out what YOU want to do with the computer, but for other reasons I will not take the time to share. LOL.

The first question I would ask you is “why a laptop?” Most folks get them because they think desktops are passé, but not every one really needs mobility. Might be for space. Give me some feedback on that. Laptops are hard to upgrade. The only thing you can really improve over time is memory (RAM), so buy long to make it last. While we are on that subject, what is your budget? Most folks don’t want to answer this question in a store, because they don’t want the sales person going to the bottom of their pocket, but surely you have a number in mind.

For performance, I like Alienware. It is a gamers machine, but they are incredibly fast and really, really made well. I have owned and enjoyed Dell and HP laptops. I just bought a new HP about a month ago. I retired my two year old Alienware and one of the technicians in my company uses it now in the field. Vista seems to get a lot of negative press. Mostly because people hate change. I moved to Vista about a month after it was released and I have never had a problem and I love it. Can’t beat it for stability and it smokes when it comes to audio and video performance. We also sell and service Macs and they are aesthetically beautiful. I am just too late in the game to change horses. I think the French language is beautiful, but I am probably not going to take the time to be fluent in French either.

Give me a little more info on the issues above and I will give you some actually links as recommendations.

“I’m just a man trying to make my way in the universe.”

Megan Morrison

Sandra--that is a good point about a big enough keyboard. I don't have particularily small or nimble fingers. And the scorn and loathing I feel from the Best Buy crew is purely in my mind. I have one of those inner voices that just loves to talk and it's very imaginative too. Thanks for your advice!

Allison-- I'm putting another check in the Mac column based on your vote. Lots of people are telling me I would love a Mac (seeing as though most of my interests involve graphics and art) but I am chicken to move on to something I am completely unfamiliar with. I appreciate your input but I won't bother Ralph with my need for hand holding. He's a busy man!!

Chris-- So it's another vote for Mac. I am encouraged by the idea of free classes. At this time of year I have time for a class or two so that is something to consider. I don't even know where the Mac stores are...more research! Thanks for your help!

Emily--another vote for Mac. The Macs sound good but I know they are spendy! I don't know if I really deserve such an expenditure. Although it might motivate me to keep on taking classes to learn more computer skills and that goal is on my life list. And as my friend Maureen pointed out to me the other day....I could always hire a tutor to progress my skills. Thanks Emily....oh I am not sure if I will be in on Thursday...maybe yes maybe no. I am having work done at my house. I would love to see your Mac sometime though.

Robert--thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I like the questions you've asked me. Gets me thinking about what I really need. Need vs want. Always a good question. I've sent you a lengthy email via Stephanie.


I'll bring her along tomorrow just in case. If not, send me an email and I'll swing by one weekend. :)

Alison M.

Its been a few days since I've even hopped on my computer, so I'm not a very computer-savvy commentator, but i do have to say that i had an HP laptop when i graduated high school, and it barely last me to my junior year of college. Anthony had a Compaq (is that company even around anymore?) and his was horrible.

We share a Mac now an it is magical. I hate to should like one of those PC bashers, but if you have the means, go mac. My mom recently purchased a Sony Vaio and uses it for her e-business and ebaying, etc. She loves it and i haven't heard a single complaint. My price conscientious brother just bout the lowest end laptop from best buy and he used it while we were on vacation with no problem.

I guess as you have come to find its all about your needs and your budget, but i would stray away from any companies that sound like they may not be around in the future. In 2 years when it starts acting funny you'll want someone to call.

tricia Robinson

MACS are the super wonderful.... ... we have two.... love them. My husband has a macbook pro and I have macbook.

They are fun to use.... artsy....and perfect... well, almost perfect.

Johanna Brinkman

You must buy a Mac.

Is there anything else out there? :)

Mac all the way!


I don't have one, but I have friends that swear by a MAC. Good luck!


Happy Birthday Meagan! I hope you had a great day.

I love your pictures of your office in progress. The catalog files look GREAT! You've actually inspired me to want to clean up my office.


Hi Kathie -- thanks for the kind comments. If I can inspire anyone else to clean up their office...well then thanks, I'm glad I could help. Let my former piggy office be your warning. Have fun with your office!

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